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Sunday April 20 , 2014
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Wireshark Logs

SMARS is used to take Wireshark protocol analyser logs1 and produce analytics. This is done by decoding and datamining the log files to extracting statistics, failures messages, metrics and calculating KPI's.

Specific to wireshark logs we have the capability to produce a range of insightful reports and dashboards;

  • Revenue Protection by identifying rogue and heavy users on a network wide basis.
  • Advanced data mining for marketing executives to understand relationships between subscribers and their usage patterns.
  • Uncover the operational characteristics of the equipment to help with Route Cause Analysis and finding capacity bottlenecks.
  • Obtain insight in to subscriber behaviour and system utilisation trends.
  • Load balancing analysis for designers.

As a Network-Wide Solution

Deployment model for a large scale Wireshark log Solution

As a Single Computer Solution

We refer to this an an Analysis Workstation solution, allowing the user to operate the same software product on a single laptop or computer to process Wireshark logs produced from within Wireshark.

Deployment model for a Wireshark Log Solution from a single computer/laptop

Wireshark is a trademark of the Wireshark Foundation.

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